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Dress is a profoundly human practice imbued with a unique capacity to reflect both individual and collective human experience. Framing an interplay between two streams of creative endeavour, the exhibition Skin to Skin brings together art and fashion in a speculative exploration of dress. The overlapping of these disciplines generates imaginative and tangible spaces in which cloth and body meet to inspire intrigue and fascination.
Contributors: Georgina Cresswell, Elizabeth Delfs, Anne Farren, Angela Ferolla, Donna Franklin and Gary Cass, Davina Homer, Kirsten Hudson, Justine McKnight, Minaxi May, Megan Salmon, Louise Snook, and the collective, Poets of the Machine.
Lia McKnight is an independant curator with a sustained interest in the body as social metaphor.
Skin to Skin is on view at Fremantle Arts Centre 2 February – 30 March 2008
Skin to Skin, has been developed with the support of the Department of Culture and the Arts, Designer Fashion Grant program and the Fremantle Arts Centre.